Birchbox Bounty

I’m a beauty product addict by nature. In the last few years, I’ve had to cut down on my favorite way to spend a bit of extra dollars, but the desire, oh, yes, the desire…still there. Finally, a way to feed the beast: Birchbox is one of a few new companies that have appeared in recent years. They’re an online store for various beauty products, a library of information and tutorials on beauty regimes and products, and they also have lots of articles relating to the beauty industry, both inside, and out, for men, and women. I signed up for the monthly $10 deluxe beauty sample box¬†and after waiting a couple of weeks to get off of the waiting list, I finally received my first Birchbox!

I decided to video tape it, had to re-do it, and I’ll edit the video down a little as soon as my computer cooperates.

My first Birchbox

I took a picture at work with my new lipstick on and I look a lot fresher a few hours ago, yah?

Okay, I still look tired. One day, I’ll get each night’s sleep in one shot.

I recommend you try Birchbox, and they donate to worthy causes, so that makes me like them a little bit more. That, and they’re totally fabulous. Think they’d hire me? I’d love playing with all the new beauty stuff. My mother would be proud.

Cheap Love,