Free and cheap goodies

This isn’t a blog post so much as a blog blip. I’ve been working rather long hours between two jobs, lately, though the results are yet to be seen, ouch.

Still, I got my September Birchbox and it had some nice stuff in it. Image\

Cleanser and exfoliator from benefit, a serum from Caudalie, a cute twist-tie pony tail tie, Birchbox’s own slate nail polish, Dr. Jart Beauty Balm, a Tili Bag, a Madewell coupon and a fall look booklet.

I love the texture of Dr. Jart BB. It has micro encapsulated water that bursts on your skin when you apply and you can feel it and then…absorbed. It’s lovely. Only issue is the color. I’m olive skinned, and still tan from summer running, so it’s a little ash/pale for me. This is very popular in Korea, fyi, and it’s wonderful. I’ll have to see about their other BB to see if the color works better.

The Caudalie is expensive at about $80 full size, but…if it works, it may be worth it. I will try it as long as it lasts. One gets a bit self-conscious about ageing skin when you have to look at yourself in HD daily. Very. Self. Conscious. I see why people end up getting “work” done. Totally. Good thing I’m dead broke.

They sent nail polish from Birchbox’s own line and I’ve already been playing with the colors I got at samplestop shop


Also, I needed better eye shadow for work, so I went to Sephora yesterday to get it. The cheap stuff usually doesn’t have concentrated pigment, so I have to put more, and more, and more on and it’s still not as dark as I’d like. When I try to blend it, it comes right off, instead. So, I got Too Faced Matte Eye Collection which looks perfect. In studio you need matte colors, no shimmer on eyes or face. Lips are actually okay to use shimmer/frosted colors on. Work reimburses, so I’m still within Cheapyummyshiny specs!

The salesperson pointed me to the one and only matte eye collection they had, yay, and she got me a sample of Urban Decay’s eye primer, which might be worth the money to intensify the eyeshadow color. At the counter, I asked if they had any surprise sample goodies I could have, and he was so sweet. His face lit right up and he said, “As a matter of fact, I do!” and threw all this in with it.

ImageThat is a full-sized Givenchy face powder, folks. Yes, indeed. Also, a NARS lip treatment that might be full-sized, not sure! Awesome! The eye cream was nice, too. I need to get back on that boat.

I hit Pay Half as well, and as usual, after 45 mins of searching, found one really fabulous find and one pretty fabulous find. Blouse and wide black belt under $30 for both. Again, work reimburses, still, great price regardless.

Once reimbursed for work things (love having a stipend for makeup and wardrobe), I spent about $10 for everything. I know not everyone has that sort of allowance, but these are still amazing deals. Ask for samples, sometimes, you get some surprising stuff you’d never have tried and love!

Back to my ‘Boys!

Cheap Love,



Birchbox New York Fashion Week Sample Stop

Even Broke Girls Gotta Have Fun

It was Schwag Week in NY, and even little, broke me got to have a bit of fun, courtesy of Birchbox and Betty Confidential. Normally, beauty editors and other people in the biz get to go in, but I got an hour of sweet, sweet pampering and fun, along with my friend, Yolanda, who is trying to make it in the fashion industry, herself. Not only did they give us free candy (and who doesn’t appreciate that), but you could get a brow touch up, basic mani, get  your hair done up, get your makeup touched-up, and if you were a lucky guy, you got shoes shined, hand massage, I think, and some other stuff. Here’s what I got:

Birchbox Sample Stop Schwag Share

Here’s the gorgeous braid Abbey from John Barrett Salon gave me. I really wanted to keep it in and go on air the next day with it, but I thought perhaps I should just go with what’s been approved, right?

Here’s Yolanda and I sporting makeup. I got “did up” by Jacob from the Balm.

Read blogs, get involved with online resources and communities for things you’re interested in. Sometimes you’ll see giveaways, or invites to private events or special offers you won’t see anywhere else. Cheapyummyshiny hasn’t quite gotten there, yet, but I’m trying!

Cheap Love,