January 2015 Birchbox, Ipsy and Boxycharm


Oh, yes, my pretties.


AKA: I have far too much makeup

I should become a makeup artist, just so I can go through some of this product! Still, I love getting them and if I get enough followers at some point, I’ll definitely do a give-away of some sort.

And yes, I do take my makeup off as soon as I get home from work, unless I’m short on time, or I’m going to work, again, or going out immediately. I love makeup, but feel no need to wear it by myself!

Birchbox January 2015

Birchbox January 2015

Birchbox January 2015

This month’s samples are Essentiel Elements Body Lotion, which has a minty smell (I looove mint), which means I’ll be using it pretty soon. It’s light, but feels quite moisturizing, and very, very refreshing, and tingly, so great in the morning or on a warm day.

Curl Keeper Ultimate Hold with Frizz Control doesn’t seem to have silicones. This means I will try it out and post the results on a weekend when I go au naturel with the curly, happy, wild mane.

sumsoap goat’s milk soap will be in my soap dish in my new apartment, because I love milk soaps. They’re great for clarifying skin, leave your skin soft and smooth and glowy, and suds nicely.

balance me wonder eye cream says its 99% natural. I tend to be skeptical of natural on a label because it’s misleading. There are no regulations to that word, so you don’t know what it means. I mean, technically, petroleum is a natural product, albeit one that is a by-product of oil refinement, but still. I’m always up for trying eye cream and this one looks like a hefty sample.

Cynthia Rowley creamy lip stain in Heartthrob is a great brick red that I am definitely going to use this evening.

Cynthia Rowley Heartthrob

Cynthia Rowley Heartthrob

I love a brick red lip because on me it looks like a natural POP and it’s very flattering on olive skin tones.

ipsy January 2015

Ipsy Januarty2015ipsy gave a good assortment this month. The bag is white and blue, but wow, I have far too many little bags, now.

eco-beauty good day. day moisturizer for fresher and happier looking skin. This is a generous sample that will last me a week or so. I’ve been looking for a less-active moisturizer because my skin will get sensitive if I’m exposed to lots of allergens (cleaning cat dander and dust from the new place is making me very reactive). Yes, I have a cat, yes, she gets brushed and bathed regularly and I vacuum a lot.

Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow in Ethereal looks like a great every day, slightly shimmery, very natural color.

bellapierre cosmetics eyeshadow in Celebration is a full-sized coppery shimmery color that I would probably use all summer long, especially evenings.

Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow brush is a good, soft bristled brush perfect for eyeshadow. If I didn’t have a couple of sets of brushes, I’d definitely use it.

probelle Nail Laquer Into The Blue goes straight into my nail polish cabinet (YES. I have a cabinet)

Boxycharm January 2015

Boxycharm January2015

This was again a surprising amount of stuff to me because it’s all full-sized.

Beauty for Real The Perfect Pencil is the perfect color. This is exactly what I wanted to buy and look! They just sent it to me! It pairs perfectly with

Beauty for Real True Color Lip Cream in Always There

boxycharm detail jan2015

Mirabella Face Prime is a pore and fine line minimizing primer. I say yes to all those things.

Pur-lisse Skin Sparkle Flash Tattoos is the only thing I’m not thrilled about. I am probably a bit too old to wear these without feeling totally like I’m holding onto fading youth.

…screw it, I might have to wear one. They’re shiny.

Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum is a shocker. It’s a $47 full-sized product. I don’t use bronzers, HOWEVER, seeing as in the summer I wear sun block every dang day, I may use it as we get into warmer weather. Just wow, Boxycharm.

This box’s contents have a retail value of $134.

Which makes me feel a little suspicious of someone coming to take my preciouses!

Is anyone watching?

Is anyone watching?

Much Love,



Look of the day

I love knitting, and I’m a damned good, fast knitter

I knit this years ago, and still need to fix the end of the collar, and take the parts apart and re-sew together so it has the proper shape, but I love it nonetheless. It’s a tomato red alapaca wool with those wonderful variants in the color. It’s also warm, not itchy and its going to be gorgeous once i re-do it. I still wear it!

On hour 8.5

I put on the foundation/makeup at 3:30am. Still going! I’ll avoid touching up and show you how it looks after hour 15.

I knit this! Look ma, hands!

I knit this! Look ma, hands!

The photo is blurry. Pardon my phone. I’m taking it in today, and should probably get a proper digital camera, right?

Much Love,

January Nail subs: Julep and Cult Cosmetics

I may have a slightly over-enthusiastic love of nailpolish

This month I’ll review two nail subscription boxes, both of which I think I may cancel. I already canceled Cult Cosmetics, but to be fair, I’ve had it for about a year. The only reason I’m cancelling is that they have a comparitively small selection of nail polish and products for their sub boxes, and I’ve gotten a few too many duplicates in the last few boxes. I did skip a month or two, but this month had dupes, again.

Cult Cosmetics Blackbox January 2015

cultcosmeticsjan2015I like the nail polish as it lasts a good amount of time before chipping, and the colors have all had good coverage. The formula is 5-free, vegan and the colors are great. So far, the cosmetics and tools are of good quality, but again, they don’t have a lot of variety.

This month I got DTLA and Manhattan Beach nail polish, a gold nail art pen, anchor decals (cute for spring/summer!), and a set of travel make-up brushes. I have the makeup brushes from earlier this year, and they are the set I use at home. I keep my big set at work to use in the mornings, but these are soft, dense, and long-lasting, even though I wash my brushes once a week. I recommend Cult Cosmetics if you aren’t put off by the higher $19.99 plus per month.

Julep Maven January 2015

julep jan2015

As much as I like the formula, and love the skin care and makeup, I may end up skipping this box most of the time. I have loads of their polish, and lately, I’ve been loving other brands. This month the polishes are Maryam which is a deep merlot with a shimmer, and the Oxygen Nail Treatment in Ivory, Luxe Lip – Sheer Coral with a free add-on Metamorphic (holographic?) top coat in Tilda.

julep coral gloss

The tint has a special applicator that is supposed to feel good, refreshing, and is good for your lips. I like it for a light touch of shimmery color on these cold, dry NYC days.

The Oxygen nail treatment is suprisingly good, and has whitened and strengthened my nails. The original and ivory are nice, sheer colors they call makeup for your nails.

I like both of these boxes, but, I think I have enough of both brands.


Much Love,


Temptu airbrush and Zoya Pixie Dust

It’s seriously freezing here in NYC, and although I want to go on a run (run off the holiday flab!), I can’t make myself. Breathing hard hurts when it’s this cold. So, here’s a couple of indoor/makeup things.

Temptu Pro airbrush makeup

I went to a Temptu professional intro to airbrush class this week. I’ve been airbrushing for over 2 1/2 years, but it’s a pre-requisite to advanced workshops, and also, I did learn a couple of tricks I wouldn’t have thought of.

For instance, patting on a bit of powder after primer and concealer, and before airbrushing, then using another very light layer of gently-pressed on powder between layers really helps the longevity and the finish. I can see a difference.

It was also determined that my compressor was shot, which explains the trouble with coverage I was having. I got a refurb on a trade-in, and voila! All good!

Since it’s working, again, I went back to contouring and blush with the airbrush makeup, as well. Here’s my morning on-air look. I probably should have done more to my hair, but for some reason I am really tired today!

Please pay attention to the foundation/skin finish and not how tired I look. I also should have kept away from the sodium last night!

Please pay attention to the foundation/skin finish and not how tired I look. I also should have kept away from the sodium last night!

Another sign it’s one of those mornings: I forgot to put on eyeliner before putting on mascara, and when you have long lashes covered in thickening mascara…Let’s just say it’s a challenge.

If you want to take a class, it’s $150…but it’s all redeemable in product or equipment, so in essence, the class is free.

Zoya Pixie Dust NOTD



I also decided to do a simple single color with accent nail look last night, since I’ve been letting my nails “rest” for a few days. Today’s NOTD is Zoya Pixie Dust Ginni and Cosmo accent. I love textured nails, and if I chip one, it is ridiculously easy to patch it up and make it match. I took advantage of the BOGO on the pixies in December, since they’re being discontinued. If they do another sale, I may need backups. I haven’t found any other company that has something quite like the Pixie Dust finish.

I’ve been avoiding cutting my cuticles, since it’s healthier for your nail bed, but I realize I’m awful at oiling them. I either need to make an effort, or just give in and cut them, again.

Stay warm, and think about how gorgeous and lush it will look when your curl your hands around a hot mug of something next to the fire with the pixies.

Much Love,


December 2014 beauty subscriptions: Birchbox, Boxycharm, Wantable

I don’t get a lot of gifts, so I make sure I have some sent every month

December subscriptions were pretty sweet, and as busy as I was, I didn’t get to enjoy a lot of them, but here are a few of the ones I got.


Birchbox December 2014

Birchbox December 2014

I added the Birchbox Plus for $25 this month because I loved the necklace, and so far the Capwell & Co Amethyst Stone Cluster Necklace has gotten a lot of positive comments when I wear on-air. It’s just sparkly enough without being distracting (you have to walk a fine line) and I have worn it a few times, already.

The box also came with Beauty Protector Protect & Oil, which I won’t use because it has a lot of silicones, and since I don’t use shampoo often, if ever, to wash my hair, I avoid silicone products that aren’t water-soluble.

Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in Sydney which I love. I like to use their lipsticks and stains because they stay put and you don’t even need a liner!

Number 4 Hair Care Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner which I will probably give to someone. I may use the shampoo, as it’s sulfate-free, when I think I have some build-up, but the conditioner has silicones, so I’ll pass that on to dry-haired friends who don’t use the curly-girl method of hair care.

Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator which I LOVELOVELOVE. I may order a full-sized of this when I’m out. It’s a microdermabrasion-style scrub to use a few times a week. So far, it leaves my skin feeling and looking glowing and clear and lovely. Especially in winter, I like a little extra gentle slough-off of the top layer of NYC crud (plus all that makeup, sometimes I feel I never get it all off!)

W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick in Moonstone is the last sample, and I’ve liked their products, so far, but I swear I have far too many highlighters. I may have to fix my profile after this month, right? I’ll try it out this week (or tonight if I scrounge a quick date with friends) and let you know.


Boxycharm December 2014

Boxycharm December 2014

Like last month’s, this month’s Boxycharm is pretty packed full for the price.

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette is a very complete neutral eye palette that will go into my touch-up/on-the-go work makeup kit. It’s flat and light, and as I said, has every color I’d want for most occasions. I ordered some of their loose pots of eyeshadow, and they are fairly well pigmented, especially for the price.

Lina Lashes Luxury Mink Lashes are actually cruelty-free, according to the notes. They are handmade and say they don’t harm the animals, so I imagine it’s shed. I like to think they brush the bad-tempered little minxes into a semblance of happy and use that hair. Still, I won’t use them because I am lucky enough to have long lashes and it’s too much trouble to wear falsies. I love mascara, me.

Mistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush is a keeper for me. This will go in my on-the-go/touch up kit because brushes get dirty and damaged easily in travel cases, especially when you’re in a hurry. This one is soft, and fluffy, and perfect for everything from touch-up blush to powder.

Be A Bomshell The One Stick in Best Cellar is a great winter color. It goes on very nicely, and it’s good for quick color on your cheeks, too. However, I have a problem with the size because I always forget a lip brush and it’s not built for precision.

Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment looks like a nice Argan oil based hair oil…however, it’s chock-full of silicones that need a sulfate-based cleanser to remove, so, I’ll pass. This will be another one to friends or to trade, etc. Not a lot of luck on the hair things this month!

Wantable Accessories

Wantable Dec 2014

Wantable Accessories December 2014

I really like this month’s Wantable collection, although I don’t wear a lot of earrings. I should probably either start, or change my profile. I don’t wear them much these days, by the by, because I wear necklaces for work, and most of the time wearing both earrings and necklaces is too much. Having said that, these are lovely, simple studs, so I may be able to use them nicely. The watch…oh yes. I love the leather wrist-strap and chain combo. Perfect for jeans and a cute summer dress. The necklace is pretty and a little boho, but I can make it work even on-air with a very simple, plain dress.

I have a couple more subscriptions to go through, but not today! The snow just started to fly, and I’m supposed to be out on a run. I’m trying to decide if the snow is too wet and if it’s time to switch to an indoor workout!

…it’s wet, soggy, and falling fast out there. Tamilee Webb here I come!

Much Love,