NOTD a england: Morgan Le Fay and Holy Grail

I need more of these polishes. Seriously, I need them ALL.

The fact that a england names their colors¬†after Arthurian legend makes them even better, right? The formula gives you good coverage, it’s highly pigmented, and is not at all streaky, even with the lighter colors. This Holy Grail is the old formulation. The newer one is slightly different in color.

A England Holy Grail Morgan Le Fay 4

A England Holy Grail Morgan Le Fay

A England Holy Grail Morgan Le Fay 2

A England Holy Grail Morgan Le Fay 3

I used one coat of each color. It has a lovely translucent quality to the finish. I enjoy the shimmery colors, and it reminds me of sunshine, so it’s great for summer, but honestly, I think it’s a good winter look, too.

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Boxycharm August 2015

I love all the full-sized products, but come on, already with silicone in hair products!

Here’s a quick look at the curly girl hair care method. It’s changed a bit because of how I have to do my hair for work, but I keep close to it. I tried shampoos for a month, just to prove to myself it’s a bad idea, and I’m really angry at myself. My hair looks frizzy, a bit dull, and lifeless. It’s going to take a month or longer to fix this. Ugh.

I really do like Coastal Scents eyeshadows. They’re well-pigmented, have great colors, and they are not expensive. Give them a try.

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August 14th, Friday work look

August 14th work look

August 14th work look

Here’s a look at my makeup for work on August 14th. The hair? Not so much. look 8.14.15 look products

I like the face, the hair is having issues. I did an experiment and added high-end and natural shampoos to my routine the last month or so to see what would happen since it’s been years since I’ve used shampoo to clean my hair regularly.

It was a disaster. I returned what I bought, threw away the rest of samples, and went to get a cheap version of Wen called RenPure.¬†My hair looked dry, straw-like, stiff and dull. A week after going back to non-shampoo care, and my hair is starting to look like its old self. In this picture it’s half-way back. Never. Again.

Lesson learned.

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Fabletics athletic wear

You don’t need to dress up, but you wouldn’t go out to the store in an old, smelly t-shirt, and it doesn’t help your running, either.

Today I’m showing you Fabletics, the athletic clothing line by Kate Hudson. It’s nice, the quality is top-notch, and if you have to stop at the store on the way home, you won’t be embarrassed.

Your first order is $25 and after that your outfits start at $49.95, but you can get individual pieces for less. If you forget to skip, and don’t pick an outfit or piece, you’ll be charged the minimum, and you’ll have a credit to use. If you’re on a budget, do not forget to skip!

The clothing is street-worthy, too, and some of it is pretty stylish. If you stop by the bodega, or the grocery, or even the mall on the way home, you won’t be embarrassed by your old, ratty shirt with holes and stains. If you care for them minimally, the pieces last and hold their shape, so I totally recommend this subscription if you exercise.

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We have a winner!

July flowers


Not everyone can win the prize, but please enjoy my flowers

Congratulations to Phat Yeoun for winning her very own Boxycharm from May!

I’ll do other giveaways, but meanwhile, if you like this blog, I’d love to hear from you!

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