Christmas comes but once a year…and how did my card list get so long?

Christmas cards are one of my favorite rituals each year. 

It makes me feel like I’m personally connecting, and remembering people during a special time of year. It also gives me major hand-cramps. Ouch.


Unicef cards

Love you guys!


Thredup consignment clothing…frugal and stylish

Most on-air journalists and other reporters don’t make a lot of money, especially at the start of their careers.

We still have to dress nicely, do our hair, have good makeup, and keep our appearance to standards. Thankfully, I’m not too proud to buy consignment clothes. I’m still sick in this video so I’m in full-on stuck-at-home mode. I tend to look a little better than that at work.

Use my link below to get $20 credit to sign up, then wait to get a 20-40% coupon code in the  mail on your first order. $66 for 6 dresses and 1 blouse is nothing to sneeze at!

Join ThreadUp here for $20 credit:

Love you guys!

Boxycharm November 2015

Oh, who doesn’t like to listen to Elmer Fudd?

I have a really nasty cold. Nasty enough to have called out 2 days in a row, because there’s nothing more annoying than having to suffer through listening to someone working on-air who sounds like they need to swallow, blow their nose, and just be in bed with Vick’s Vapo Rub and hot soup. Unless, of course, you happen to be that person on-air, then you just know every viewer is swallowing down that frog for you, and wish you were at home, in bed…and your co-workers wish you had just stayed home, please.

Boxycharm got here late…because I moved. It doesn’t like address changes, so remember to CALL them before your account processes.


Much Love!