Enchanted Polish February release

Enchanted FEB 2016

Start off 2016 with gorgeousness

These new polish shades by Chelsea are just absolutely loverly! They look like the sorts of rich, gorgeous, holo, shade-shifters of yore. I’m not saying they’re mere repeats, but that they hark back to her fantasy-inspired and captivating polishes from the Dime Piece and Water for Unicorns era. I missed out on Stellar, and she also re-offered Valentine and Sweet Mint, which I sold to someone after the original release last year, since I can get cremes like that with other indie brands.

I’m in love.


TulleSpace ghost


Time Travel

Rainbow Ashes

Tulle looks like the sleeper. It’s a beautiful blush holo that looks like a perfect, extra-special everyday color that people will notice. It’s the color you wish you could keep buying and make it your go-to. Faerydae is really chrome-sparkly-magical, too. I love all of them. ALL. Space Ghost makes me all happy and oooooo-y. Telenovela makes me want to call my friend Omar, accuse him of cheating on me, and then slap him, then beg for forgiveness, then plot to get him back and back at those pesky kids, too…wait, sorry, went too far.

Time Travel is such a rich teal with color shifting, that I can’t wait to wear that out on a weekend. Plus, Rainbow Ashes, I mean, the name? What? Silver holo? You got me.

I’ll do swatches this week, too, so check back!

Meanwhile, I did this month’s Birchbox unboxing, so check it out!

Much Love,