Saying goodbye to our paw friends

Grief always blindsides me.


RIP Rosie 2002-2016


Vlog: Scrumptious Sundays – Sopa de Fideo

Mexican pasta soup. That’s right. We use pasta!

There is nothing more homestyle cooking, more mama than a hot, lovely sopa de fideo. I’ve been eating this since I was old enough to eat solid food, and its a starter, a comfort food, and a staple in the Mexican home.

My cousin Paula asked if I knew how to make my mother’s sopa de fideo. Yes! And now, you do, too!

Please try this out and let me know how it went!

Much Love,


ThredUp Consignment Clothing Buys

I love buying consignment: fancy for cheap!


Yeah, so my male colleagues can rotate 3-4 suits, but if you wear a dress or something a lot, someone notices! Ha! So, yes, we have way too many clothes in our closets.

I love consignment. Great clothes, cheap price!


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Black Dahlia Subscription for May, 2016


I know I said I didn’t need more polish…but it’s Black Dahlia

I signed up for this a few months ago, and due to trying to save some money, and having so much polish I feel a little crazy about it, I haven’t gotten any in a while. I thought I should this month, since I haven’t been buying much at all the last 6-8 months, and I’m glad I did. The colors are gorgeous.

Platinum Evergreen




Platinum Evergreen

This is an almost textured silvered celery polish with iridescent and silver micro glitter. It does have a mild scattered holo finish with green/gold/blue shifts. I didn’t find the holo impressive at all, but it’s a beautiful polish that even someone who has slightly¬†conservative tastes would feel fairly comfortable wearing. I think it works well for summer or holiday looks. I can totally see wearing it plain for everyday or using it in nail art.

Plum Poppy and Wild Meadow


Wild Meadow, Plum Poppy, Platinum Evergreen

Wild Meadow, Plum Poppy

Plum Poppy is described as a warm lavender crelly with turquoise, bright blue and violet flakies. It’s a bit opaque for the flakies to really come through brightly, but in direct sun you can see the blue ones come out.

Wild Meadow is a robin’s egg blue crelly with bright orange, white, yellow, and green matte glitter. I LOVE this one. It was my least favorite on opening the box. I put it on and thought wow! This is so fun! With two coats the color is opaque enough and the glitter/shapes come though nicely. I would wear this a lot through the summer, and I expect I’ll wish for another bottle before the season is over.

I hope you check them out and try out their subscription. It’s $20 a month, and for 3 hand-made, vegan, cruelty-free, 5-free polishes it’s not a bad price.

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