I don’t want a roll there/aka gotta lose the weight!

Ah, the joys of getting older, the mind gets faster, the metabolism gets slower

I know I’ve been getting big. I KNOW. You can’t work on television and see yourself every. dang. day. without seeing how you look. That doesn’t mean you can’t ignore it and allow yourself to be lazy, indulgent, and put your head in the sand.

Until, of course, you take a shower at your friend’s after a hike and step on their scale. Yeow. Almost 160 pounds? Say WHAT? I freaked when I hit 150 after surgery a couple of years ago. This almost had me crying.

You know what though? Screw crying. It wasn’t going to help me lose weight.

I hope you join me while I try to trim the rolls!

Let me know if you’re on a get fit journey, or if you’ve tried flexible dieting.

Much Love,



One thought on “I don’t want a roll there/aka gotta lose the weight!

  1. Thank you Gloria for being so honest and forthright about your struggle with weight gain. I’d not even noticed it on TV but I empathize because I too am not as svelte as I’d like to be and that’s even after having some lipo done in March. I work bad hours too (though not the same as yours) and don’t always eat right. I have cravings, often for carbs and go for bagels, pasta and cereal. I’m often so drained when I get home from work that I feel I must eat, even though they say you shouldn’t after midnight, due to slower metabolism. You are correct that there must be balance; one needs to live a bit and food is one of those things that makes us happy. Exercise is important too, as you said but it IS hard to get to it if you’ve a demanding schedule. I try to get to my gym most days but often just do the weights and not cardio since there’s not enough time to do both. Your situation is fairly typical of very busy people but I think you articulate it better than most so it’s no surprise you’re making fairly rapid progress despite your grueling schedule. You’re getting there and you should be proud of your progress thus far. And as important, you’ve no doubt inspired others in a similar rut to get up and do something about it. I know I’ve been inspired (or perhaps shamed, ha-ha) to do more to cut the roll down on my tummy. So glad I tuned in to this post; it was even relevant to my own situation which of course the posts about makeup aren’t. So keep your chin up and stick to your guns with this; it’s making a difference. And you’re helping others in a similar bind, as well. Keep up your great posts and thanks again for doing CheapYummyShiny; it’s a most unique and worthwhile V-blog. Have a wonderful week, Gloria!

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