Weight loss update Sept. 3, 2016

I was a little lazy this week, but still moving down

It was a tough week for health, haha! We had birthdays at work, I was particularly sleep deprived, and so I didn’t watch my macros as well as I should, or exercise as much as I’d like. However, I didn’t gain, and I lost half to one pound regardless. This is all good. I’m just under 147 lbs although I should be at 145, oops! Gotta pick the ball up, again, this week! I do have a rocking headache from a combination of fire pit smoke and a few craft beers, but hopefully I can shake that off and enjoy the gorgeous weather and at least go for a long walk, if not a run.


I will put some food for the week together later today. I’ll show you some stuff I’ve been eating this week, too!


Thanks, and much love!



One thought on “Weight loss update Sept. 3, 2016

  1. Nice update; wish I was as scientific as you are about this. I just wing it with just about everything. You look a bit tired even today so get some extra sleep tonight. Hope you don’t suffer from the sort of chronic fatigue I often do, largely I think from sleep deprivation owing to my weird hours and my stubbornness about going to bed when it’s prudent. I’m not looking forward to a potentially stressful night at work, particularly seeing someone there I can’t stand. At least you have wonderful colleagues and there’s no apparent issues with your getting along with them. I’m afraid that’s not my lot but at least I’ve 2 days to recover before I work again on Wednesday. Glad to hear you’re still making progress with your goal. I need to step up my cardio big-time; it’s my main failing with exercise. I’d never heard of this ‘renoun’ syndrome if I heard that right; I suppose that’s something you just have to maintain and live with. But it seems like you’re doing most everything right; you just need to do a bit more. I need to do a LOT more; need an infusion of your discipline it seems. So keep up the good work and have a wonderful rest of Sunday!

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