I was born in Mexico, grew up in Dallas and moved to the NYC area in ’99. I lived in Jersey City for quite a long time, but now I’m back in the city. I’m older than I look, and most certainly older than I act.

I returned to broadcasting in 2010 and work as a traffic and entertainment reporter for FiOS1 News, and as a writer and reporter for Arise News.

I love (trying) to do the difficult and enjoy taking the other side of the argument. My loves: coffee, food, my bicycle, my old Benz Von Fitz, adult beverages, yummy (not necessarily food, I mean gasoline kind of smells yummy) smells and games. I also have a history of giving myself black eyes and periodically breaking or severely injuring various parts of my person. (Refer back to doing the difficult, and add a major lack of grace and dexterity.)

Needless to say, my osteopathic physician thinks I don’t sleep enough, I work too much, I have a high level of stress, and wonders why she passed on my favorite zombie running application to her husband because now he and all his buddies Run From Zombies!


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