June 2015 Birchbox – Central Park Series

Spring weather, Central Park, Rocks, Kids, Makeup…

If you’d like to try Birchbox, I love the points system.

Here’s a list of the products:

If you’d like to check out Mark Aaron James, he’s a gifted songwriter and entertainer…plus he wrote a song about Aquaman. I mean, Aquaman, right?

I hope you get to go out and climb rocks, try on eyeliner and eat blackberries, too!

Much Love,



Central Park Series: BoxyCharm May 2015

Boxycharm is $21 per month for 4-5 full-sized products. FULL SIZED!

I started this subscription late last year, and so far I’ve gotten products from Tarte, Elizabeth Arden and even an Urban Decay palette. Each one of those products alone was more than the cost of the subscription.

CheapYummyShiny Central Park Series

I live so close to the park, and the lighting is so bad in my room, I thought…why not?

It was a nice day, but I’ll have to get used to getting interrupted while doing this out in public! I know my hair looks totally different at the end, but I dodged a ball that bounced away from a pup, and after petting him and all that fun stuff, I changed my hair and forgot. Another lesson learned!

Some people have asked me why I don’t put on makeup, etc to do the videos, especially since I do my makeup every weekday for work. I don’t mind looking like me, and I get tired of putting on full makeup every day so weekends and evenings I tend to go fresh-faced. Sometimes I don’t pick the best angles or maybe the best lighting, but eh! I’m not scared of looking like a human being!

If you’d like to try¬†BoxyCharm, sadly the referral links don’t work until they finish the new site. Here’s a list of the products in this box, in case you couldn’t hear:

  • Model Co Bronze Shimmer Bronzing Powder 01
  • bodyography Brow Trio
  • The Lip Bar in Purple Rain and in Kiss Me
  • lauren b Beauty Nail Couture in Sunset Blvd. and in #lmjuicing

Also, the extra box I got this month I’ll put up as a giveaway as soon as I reach 100 followers, so share and get to clicking!

Much Love,