Christmas comes but once a year…and how did my card list get so long?

Christmas cards are one of my favorite rituals each year. 

It makes me feel like I’m personally connecting, and remembering people during a special time of year. It also gives me major hand-cramps. Ouch.


Unicef cards

Love you guys!


New Year’s Eve shiny nails

Quick post: my mani of the day for New Year’s

I might cover a couple of subscription boxes later today (assuming there’s some sunshine to take pictures by), however, I did my nails last night.

I do my nails when I’m reading, or watching TV, so I rarely do anything intricate. I wanted something classic with a shiny accent to it for New Year’s. Red, of course, and glitter, well, of course!

nye nails 2014

New Year’s Eve 2014 Zoya Shiloh and Enchanted Polish Amazing

I used Zoya Shiloh and Enchanted Polish Amazing for a simple look that’s polished but festive. I gave myself a rudimentary manicure, but you can tell I’ve been neglectful, oops.

Something to work on in the new year?

Much Love,


Zoya Bitch Christmas mani

Zoya/B.i.t.c.h. by Jacyln Christmas textured mani

Zoya/B.i.t.c.h. by Jacyln Christmas textured mani

Get your own damn tiara, Oswin!

No, really. Those are the colors. Zoya Ultra Pixie Dust in Oswin and b.i.t.c.h. by Jaclyn in Get Your Own Damn Tiara. I didn’t have time to do a detailed designed mani, but I wanted a Christmas look. What better than red with silver icicles? I love textured nail polish, but it looks like Zoya, one of my favorites, is discontinuing pixie dusts in 2015. They have a BOGO on them until midnight tonight/Sunday.

b.i.t.c.h. is a small company, and are closed for the holidays, so you’ll have to wait on a re-stock.

Use the bogo link up there so that I can get some points when you create an account and buy some pretty, pretty Zoyas.

Much Christmas Love,


I’m probably a closet Martha Stewart

I buy a few nice ornaments every year.

O Christmas Tree

When I was going to school at UNT, some friends from England taught me how lovely hand-crafting things as simple as cards and wrapping is, and if you’re broke, using ingenuity made it even more gorgeous. Back then, all groceries were packed in brown paper bags, so we had an endless supply of kraft paper, but these days, I tend to use them for my paper recycling or re-use them as shopping bags when I go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

Regardless, there’s something really special about receiving a gift wrapped with thought, especially if you took some time to make it unique. Usually, I’ll use the technique taught to me by Alun and Andrew in my 20’s and carve stamps out of raw potatoes, and using water or poster colors, stamp a few designs onto the kraft paper-wrapped gifts before ribbons or glitter or other bits. I was really pressed for time this year, and the extra hour or so meant I’d be up wrapping instead of relaxing a bit before bed.

I also forgot to take a picture of the gifts under my tree, so I asked for the families to take pictures for me before unwrapping and one of them is slightly blurry. Sorry about that, but I promise when a birthday comes up, I’ll do better.

Much nicer than neon paper that just gets ripped into anyway.

See, aren’t they sweet?

Isn’t this better than elf paper?


I went to Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts and snagged a bunch of ribbon and two rolls of kraft paper for 60% off. I still have quite a lot left, too. My only complaint is that the paper seemed to be coated, so tape had an awfully hard time sticking to it. I should have just plugged in the glue gun, but I knew that I would end up reopening a couple of the packages to make sure I got the right gift to the right little girl since the boxes were identically sized.


For boxes, I wrapped re-used boxes from different subscriptions with kraft paper so they look like plain boxes under the wrapping.

I wish you could see the glitter tape better in these photos (will show you better shots next gift time) but I took double-sided tape and sprinkled snow (irridescent glittery flakes) on one side and taped it around the box all the way around as an accent.

Those tiny little ball ornaments I find at Target in plastic tubes in the dollar section in the front of the store, so I snag a new tube every year or so since I use them for just this sort of thing. The same with the tinsel, but make sure you get the stuff that’s attached to a strip at the top so you can use it to decorate gifts more easily without it going absolutely everywhere.

For tags, I took pieces of kraft and folded them into a tag shape, punched a star-shaped hole at the top with a shaped punch, and tied them on with some skinny ribbon with an ornament attached. Since “auntie Gloria” knows little girls, I also knew that at least one of them was going to end up with a craft box of odds and ends to play with.

I think the look missed a stamp or three in various Christmas colors. My friends, however, still loved the outsides, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw their hand-made wrap designs at some point.

Hopefully you have all your holiday shopping finished, and only need to wait for days off, relax and sip an eggnog with your loved ones.

Much Holiday Love,