Julep’s January 2017 box

Yep, I see in the future OR Julep sent out the boxes really, really fast

I wish I had switched out the polish, since I have many similar colors, but the face oil is a nice treat!

Have a safe and happy new year! Polish up for the festivities and I’ll see you in 2017!

Much Love,



Black Dahlia Subscription for May, 2016


I know I said I didn’t need more polish…but it’s Black Dahlia

I signed up for this a few months ago, and due to trying to save some money, and having so much polish I feel a little crazy about it, I haven’t gotten any in a while. I thought I should this month, since I haven’t been buying much at all the last 6-8 months, and I’m glad I did. The colors are gorgeous.

Platinum Evergreen




Platinum Evergreen

This is an almost textured silvered celery polish with iridescent and silver micro glitter. It does have a mild scattered holo finish with green/gold/blue shifts. I didn’t find the holo impressive at all, but it’s a beautiful polish that even someone who has slightly¬†conservative tastes would feel fairly comfortable wearing. I think it works well for summer or holiday looks. I can totally see wearing it plain for everyday or using it in nail art.

Plum Poppy and Wild Meadow


Wild Meadow, Plum Poppy, Platinum Evergreen

Wild Meadow, Plum Poppy

Plum Poppy is described as a warm lavender crelly with turquoise, bright blue and violet flakies. It’s a bit opaque for the flakies to really come through brightly, but in direct sun you can see the blue ones come out.

Wild Meadow is a robin’s egg blue crelly with bright orange, white, yellow, and green matte glitter. I LOVE this one. It was my least favorite on opening the box. I put it on and thought wow! This is so fun! With two coats the color is opaque enough and the glitter/shapes come though nicely. I would wear this a lot through the summer, and I expect I’ll wish for another bottle before the season is over.

I hope you check them out and try out their subscription. It’s $20 a month, and for 3 hand-made, vegan, cruelty-free, 5-free polishes it’s not a bad price.


Check out my YouTube channel for videos, too!


Much Love,


Enchanted Polish Dupes swatch

It’s been my unicorn…gimme a Dime Piece

I know it’s not the hardest one to get, but I could never get it. I finally added Dime Piece to my collection. Here’s a look at some of the polishes I collected over the years, trying to assuage my D.P. obsession.

Vacation on Mars


It looks like Cult Cosmetics and Above the Curve no longer sell, but you should be able to find them for sale online.

Thanks for watching!

Much Love,


Julep Customizeable box

I haven’t gotten a Julep box in almost a year

With the new customize your box without paying extra rules, well…I had to see if there was something I wanted.

I’ll point out my makeup was put on 13 or so hours before and endured a nap and no touch ups. Hail Temptu! Love my airbrush makeup.

Much Love,

Enchanted Polish February release

Enchanted FEB 2016

Start off 2016 with gorgeousness

These new polish shades by Chelsea are just absolutely loverly! They look like the sorts of rich, gorgeous, holo, shade-shifters of yore. I’m not saying they’re mere repeats, but that they hark back to her fantasy-inspired and captivating polishes from the Dime Piece and Water for Unicorns era. I missed out on Stellar, and she also re-offered Valentine and Sweet Mint, which I sold to someone after the original release last year, since I can get cremes like that with other indie brands.

I’m in love.


TulleSpace ghost


Time Travel

Rainbow Ashes

Tulle looks like the sleeper. It’s a beautiful blush holo that looks like a perfect, extra-special everyday color that people will notice. It’s the color you wish you could keep buying and make it your go-to. Faerydae is really chrome-sparkly-magical, too. I love all of them. ALL. Space Ghost makes me all happy and oooooo-y. Telenovela makes me want to call my friend Omar, accuse him of cheating on me, and then slap him, then beg for forgiveness, then plot to get him back and back at those pesky kids, too…wait, sorry, went too far.

Time Travel is such a rich teal with color shifting, that I can’t wait to wear that out on a weekend. Plus, Rainbow Ashes, I mean, the name? What? Silver holo? You got me.

I’ll do swatches this week, too, so check back!

Meanwhile, I did this month’s Birchbox unboxing, so check it out!

Much Love,


NOTD a england: Morgan Le Fay and Holy Grail

I need more of these polishes. Seriously, I need them ALL.

The fact that a england names their colors¬†after Arthurian legend makes them even better, right? The formula gives you good coverage, it’s highly pigmented, and is not at all streaky, even with the lighter colors. This Holy Grail is the old formulation. The newer one is slightly different in color.

A England Holy Grail Morgan Le Fay 4

A England Holy Grail Morgan Le Fay

A England Holy Grail Morgan Le Fay 2

A England Holy Grail Morgan Le Fay 3

I used one coat of each color. It has a lovely translucent quality to the finish. I enjoy the shimmery colors, and it reminds me of sunshine, so it’s great for summer, but honestly, I think it’s a good winter look, too.

Much Love,


NOTD LVX Mynt and Zoya Ginni: Plus last day for the free Giveaway!

LVX Mynt and Zoya Pixie Ginni indoors

LVX Mynt and Zoya Pixie Ginni indoors

Using colors opposite each other on the color wheel can muddy…or pop

In this case, a bit of both, and I like the combination. LVX Mynt is a pale green, Zoya Ginni is a pink and multi-colored Pixie Dust. It’s a nice, warm-weather combo that isn’t too fashion-forward, but just interesting enough to get away from the pink and red nails you do for the office.

LVX Mynt and Zoya Pixie Ginni in sunlight

LVX Mynt and Zoya Pixie Ginni in sunlight

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway for a full Boxycharm box from May!

You click here, comment and get entered. The giveaway ends at midnight Saturday EST. It is only for US and Canada shipping. It is free. FREE! All of that down there can be yours!

May Boxycharm

May Boxycharm

Good luck!

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